Well as FM plyer you must known henry saivet former Girondins Bordeaux.
worth buy for 22 Mill. He is realy worth buy !

A Goal Machine, Road Runner, Good Finisher, A true sharp Striker !
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My 4-4-1 attacking tactic - Superb !

I try to change my default tactic (usually 4-4-2) into 4-4-1 with assumption balance in attacking and defense.

With Torino I almost win every trophy in 2008 - 2010.

Great tactic with single striker who have strength and finishing minimum 15.

2 side winger with great pace and good crossing.

2 midfielder with great passing and creativity.

1 Defensive midfielder with strong physics.

4 defender with 2 fullback and 2 central defender.

Ok, here is the team setting for this tactic.

This is the default team setting for the tactic.
(click image to enlarge)

You can modifying as you like for defense and attacking

My first eleven for this tactic using Torino in 2010 season:

GK: Hugo Lloris (taken from OGC Nice for $10.75M)
DR: Matthieu Saunier (taken from Girondins Bordeaux for $625K)
DC: Fabricio Coloccini (taken from Deportivo for $15M)
DC: Pichu Atienza (taken from Atletico Madrid for $6.5M)
DMC: Bocundji Ca (taken from FC Nantes for $4M)
MC: Tomasso Vailatti (default Torino player)
MC: Sunny taken from Valencia for $4.7M)
FR: Alessandro Rosina (default Torino player)
FL: Henry Saivet (taken from Girondins Bordeaux for$22M)
ST: Daniele Vantaggiato (taken from Rimini for $6.5M)

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Football Manager 2009

Football Manager 2009 Will be release at 14/11/08 (PC, Mac and PSP) based information from Football Manager 2009 Official. Wow I cant wait for the games, it will be interesting than FM 2008.

You can watch Football Manager 09 3D Video from Shortlist.com. Miles Jacobson as a Studio Director of SI Games, announced a few of the many, many new features fans can expect to find when they unwrap and install their lovely new copy of Football Manager 09. The biggest and most exciting new feature is the 3D visualization of the match engine. Rather than the 2D dots floating about the pitch, you can watch your work unfold in three dimensions (though the 2D option is still there for traditionalists).

Not much information for Fm 2009 release, but herewith some screen shoot for FM 2009:

Manager Profile of Foot Ball Manager 2009 Screen shoot

While playing Football manager 2009 Screen Shoots:
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Football Manager Cheat

Feel desperate while playing with mediocre club?

Your Favorite club was not a big one such as AC Milan, Manchester United or Real Madrid?
If your club is only mid-table club that only have minimum transfer budget, but you have ambition to win everything?

Actually this is not a cheat, but more exactly said "tricks".
For example you playing Italian League Serie A and choose Torino as your club.
Absolutely Torino only mid-table club who only have litle money for wages and transfer budget.

OK, lets start the trick...
  1. First after you add as a Torino Manager, you can add another manager to a bigger club such as Inter Milan (Inter Milan have large amount funds for transfer budget).
  2. While you a manager of Inter, start to buy Torino player, choose from Reverse team and choose the player who doesn't start in your first eleven squad. (don't forget to set player status to: transfer listed and doesn't needed by the club, its gonna be easier for the player to move to other club)
  3. Start make an offer to your fringe player at Torino from Inter with a maximum transfer budget, ex- you buy Marco Russo for 25 Million !
  4. Change player into Torino and accept the offer from Inter.
  5. while you offering contract to targeted player, offer a big bonus and wage ( its gonna be easier for the player to move)
  6. Confirm transfer player from both of club.
  7. After the player confirmed move to inter, Resign from Inter and back to Torino. Now torino have a huge transfer funds for buying player you want.
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Giles Barnes - FM 2008 Young Player

Giles Barnes was playing in Derby County, absolutely bargain buy..
get him for approx $9.5 million. Great Right winger.

Tips: Giles only want to move if your club is on regular league.
Scout first before declare interest, you can know availability of his willing to move to your club.

Skill Preview
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Dave's 4-3-3 Wide Save Tactic FM 08 tactic

This is a 433 with one striker and two wide players. I would recommend Eddie Johnson as a striker £2.3m and Rodrigo Palacio (despite being a centre forward) plays amazing on the left side of the strike force.
I've played one complete season after testing it and finished top and won FA cup with Aston Villa. Only purchases were Jean Makoun (£10m), Eddie Johnson (£2.3m)and Palacio (£9.5m).
Hope it works for everyone else.


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